Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13 Bunker Index - Warm again!

At the time of this writing I am fully on solar and sitting by a roaring woodstove. Well, sort of roaring. By the time we got the pipe finished it had already warmed up to 60 degrees outside, so it's hard to tell how much actual heat this thing is putting out, but it's going. Praise the Lord!

There are still so many things left to do on the homestead, but each day brings some new quality of life improvement. Just being warm again is an enormous blessing. The small things bring great pleasure in these days of simplicity.

I suppose that's what the world lacks right now ... simplicity. More doing with humble hands and less arrogant talk.

1. Obama has proposed $800 million in aid to countries swept up by the "Arab Spring".  That's $800 million more than we have for people who are instituting Sharia law, murdering Christians, and raping women who dare to walk out into the street alone.

2. In Syria, the government is taking detained civilians and strapping them to its tanks in order to prevent the opposition from blowing the tanks up. This is not particularly a matter of your survival unless of course you happen to be detained by Syria and strapped to a tank.

3. Christians in Syria fear genocide if the Syrian government falls. The Syrian government is at least somewhat secular so it has prevented the Muslims from murdering Christians. It's a difficult position to be in when the guys protecting you from being murdered by your neighbors are also willing to strap civilians to tanks.

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Bluesgal said...

With respect to #1 it should read "murdering anyone who does not conform to thier religeon,.. as it is not just christians they are murdering it is ANYONE who does not worship as they desire.