Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6 Bunker Index - Slow News Day

I started to do the BI this morning but there wasn't much in the news not related to the Super Bowl or Madonna. Not caring about either of those things, I continued on with my day until now. Still not a lot but I found a couple of items for your reading pleasure.

I'd been having trouble figuring out how to run the stove pipe from the woodstove up through the floor without burning my house down. Michael Bunker graciously allowed me to come look at theirs to figure out how. So I spent this morning doing that and then went into town and bought the other nitnoid parts I needed to do so. I'm blessed to have other off-grid Christians nearby who have already sorted out how to do some of these things. I didn't want to burn the cabin down as part of a learning experience.

We got the water tank up on the tower this morning and filled it up with water. That seems like a little thing, but it was the bottleneck for TWO major projects here ... the rainwater harvesting system AND the inside "plumbing". With it in place, now we can proceed with both.

Things are moving forward, though a bit slowly right now. I'm pleased. The rest of the world seems a little slow too.

1. Top Air Force scientist wants to create a "social radar" which will monitor a society's writings, thoughts, and cultures to predict trouble. Do we need that on top of the CIA scrutinizing Facebook?

2. In Atlanta, gang members videotaped a hate crime. I'm sure Eric Holder will find a way to say this wasn't racially motivated though.

3. A new bill in Florida proposes banning candy purchases with food stamps. Don't like it? Use your own money to buy what you want. Everything the government gives you for "free" comes with stipulations.

4. Chicago's "Big Brother" law now uses speeding cameras to generate revenue for the city. I'll not be going back there again. Now I've got one more reason why not.

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