Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Afternoon Activities

This morning I ran over to my neighbor's to talk about pigs. We're getting one of their piggies here sometime this week. Not sure yet how I'm going to manage to get some hog panels home though. That may be a tricky endeavor.

The pig decision was a hard one. Normally I see a pig as something you add to an already thriving homestead, not to a beginning one. The pig is fed on the excess and waste. Only here we don't HAVE any excess or waste. So I'll be buying a good quantity of the pig's food. That isn't ideal. However we have to start somewhere and I can easily plant a row in the garden for turnips and feed those back to the pig. She'll become dinner come November and even this small one should provide enough meat for a couple of months through the winter. That makes me pretty happy. And this is pretty much an experiment to see if the family can cope with a large animal. They did well with sheep, not so much goats and definitely not the cow. PLUS we can throw together a pig pen in no-time flat as opposed to a much longer and expensive fencing operation to get sheep out here.

Planted some more of the raised beds, got some more lumber, and started an experimental "Back to Eden" bed. I'm curious how those are going to pan out. Now it looks like rain so I get to go up the ladder and fix my leaky water catchment solution. The duct tape I used to seal a join at two pipes didn't hold in the last big rain and so I missed out on a lot of water. This time ... MORE DUCT TAPE!

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Anonymous said...

Hope your pig pen will hold her. I don't know a lot about pigs, but for a brief period my parents had some. They were worse than my goats at being escape artist.