Thursday, March 22, 2012

Carrying the Torch

In the dark days of our lives it is easy to carry the torch for Jesus. Our hearts in misery are constantly turned towards God seeking mercy and aid. Those dark days are the hook that our Lord uses to draw us to him, teaching us to seek His will in all things.

The good days our hearts abound and thankfulness comes easily to our tongues. These are days full of prayer and hallelujahs because we have found respite and happiness and we seek God.

The bleak days that are neither bad nor good but simply are always seem to be the hardest. Where the day seems to just go on and on with no real purpose but survival are the days where we should be seeking the Lord the most, but find it difficult to do so.

If you find your days are bleak right now, ask the Lord for guidance. Boredom and depression come from the inability (or unwillingness) to do God's will for you, which can be found in scripture. If you seek after this world then you shall always be unhappy but seeking after God brings pleasure even in the worst conditions.

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