Thursday, March 1, 2012

On Obedience

A couple of days ago I was working with my children on building another raised bed for the garden. (Two down now, Ten to go!)

It struck me somehow that my children represent the different models of Christian maturity.

My oldest is disciplined and obedient. When given a task he will either do it or ask for clarification if he doesn't understand HOW to do it. There are many things he can do without any guidance at all, but anything new he must have explained and shown to him.

My next oldest is eleven and he probably most represents where I feel I am on my Christian journey. He wants to help and tries hard, but he lacks focus and will wander away from the work area pursuing his own thoughts and interests. Thus when his labor is required he must be called back and reminded that he IS working and he needs to stay focused and attentive to his tasks with his ear turned towards listening for the next task. Often after the third or fourth such wandering away he must be rebuked to provide a more lasting reminder that he IS supposed to be performing some task he has been given.

Then there's the littlest ones at seven and five. They will come to the work area and proudly announce that they are "helping Daddy" but soon will give up the pretense altogether and either wander away to play and entertain themselves or interfere with those who are more actively pursuing productive tasks. Sooner or later they fall to bickering over petty things and this serves as a distraction to everyone else who is busily engaged in their labors.

I feel that this third set of workers most aptly represents mainstream Christianity today. Are you being attentive to your Father or have you wandered away from the work area in order to pursue your own interests? Have you fallen to petty bickering with your brothers and sisters? Are you deserving of a rebuke for the neglect of your duties? We all may find ourselves somewhere in this typology at various points. Perhaps this understanding was given to me in order to improve my soul, for Lord knows there is MUCH labor ahead of me.


OD from HT said...

Have you considered writing devotional books?? Food for thought!

Sonshine said...

I really like your way of thinking. I agree, you would probably do well writing devotionals. I feel as if I'm seeing you grow as a Christian through this whole experience. Isn't it amazing how God can use our life circumstances and show us some truths that we need to heed. I learn alot from watching my son grow. My son is 13 yr old, but has the mind of one much younger. He has a different way of seeing things in this world. It's a constant reminder to me that things aren't always as we see them. Some people think of my son as damaged goods, but I've learned that many children who are considered special needs children are actually very wise in the way they approach life and see the world. It makes me realize why the scriptures tell us that we must become as a little child to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.