Thursday, March 22, 2012

Paper Chains

All I see on the blogs and forums is a lot of doom and gloom.

Why so fearful, Christians?

What does it matter to you if the bond bubble bursts? How much of your money is tied up in these foreign markets? Do you have enough money in your pockets for today? Praise God for that! Your needs will be met tomorrow as well, unless it is to God's glory that you should starve, and if that be so then let each rumble of your belly be like a chorus of hallelujahs!

What does it matter to you if Israel goes to war with Iran or vice versa? Are you in Israel or Iran? Neither Iran nor Israel makes your garden grow or fills your heart with zeal. If these tribulations come to other peoples then pray for them and pray fervently that their trials bring them closer to God.

What does it matter to you if gasoline skyrockets up to $5, $6, or even $10 per gallon? Does God care about your daily commute or your planned family vacation? These are the things of the world, not of Christ's kingdom. If you cannot ride in your air conditioned car will you cease to go into the world and do God's will? Will you not walk until your shoes wear out and then walk barefoot until your feet bleed? Surely you are not one of those lukewarm Christians who will only do God's will if it is comfortable and convenient to you!

All manner of miseries have been promised to the world, Christian. You are simply worrying about the details and manifestations that are to come. The more you are entangled with the world, the more you will suffer with the world. Babylon is promised to fall; it will not survive. God's wrath is soon to be poured out upon the wicked. The tares will be pulled from the field to be burned and the fields reaped. Have the seeds that have been sown in you born fruit? Bend ye to the plow!

The chains that bind you are made of paper. They are broken by your will to follow the Lord. All has been prepared for you in the desert. Come out of Babylon, you have been told. Time grows short indeed.

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