Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Because We Let It

From the WhiskeyandGunpowder.com website ...

19 years since Waco - The prisons have swollen to the largest detention system since Stalin's gulags. The police conduct three thousand SWAT raids a month. The war on terror has made a total mockery of what remained of the Fourth Amendment. Torture has lost its taboo. So has indefinite detention. The feds irradiate and molest airline passengers by the millions. People are jailed for taking medicine, buying Sudafed, sharing songs, and selling milk.

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Farmboy said...

What do you do? Only a few people see the writing on the wall (or only a few choose to admit it). Beyond sounding the alarm as a watchman on the wall, what do you do? Ezekiel says your job is done.

Global hegemony seems to have been predicted by the prophets. This is Abba's plan. Power intoxicates. The ability to impose one' will on others is the natural progression and indeed goal of the rulers of a Godless society. It's all about power/control. Come out of her my people and endure to the end (which is looking closer all the time). Shalom