Thursday, April 26, 2012

No More Dirty Hillbilly

The temperature soars up into triple digits for the past few days. We're dying in here. I think I actually was getting the beginnings of heat stroke earlier today.

I was short 4 windows in the upstairs loft and without those it was hotter than someone's attic up there. Last night we weren't even able to sleep up there and had  to come sleep downstairs. Now I've got all the windows cut out and installed but there's no breeze blowing so it's still hotter than blazes up there. It should cool off tonight though and then over the weekend the temperature is dropping to a breezy 95 degrees which will feel to us like a balmy day in Minnesota.

My wife had a great idea today that I'd simply never thought about. We have a water tower right outside the cabin where the 550 gallon tank sits elevated. It's on posts. Why not put up tarps or something and make it an outdoor shower?

So I did. I had some paneling and so I paneled in 3 sides and covered the 4th with a tarp. It's downright luxurious in there. My wife says it has spoiled her now and she'll never be happy with a smaller shower. The only problem is that it's open on the bottom so while you're showering the chickens come bother you and peck around your feet at the water. That's annoying but somewhat amusing to splash them.

Up to now we've been going up and renting a hotel room to use their bathing facilities every couple of weeks when we get too stinky. And of course when I travel for work I can clean up in the hotels I stay at. Pity the poor souls who get stuck next to me on an airplane before I've reached that hotel though.

It's somewhat wasteful of water, but we've all showered off and I can't really see that we've used more than a few gallons. Maybe if I planted a pecan tree downhill slightly of the shower then I wouldn't feel bad about that.


Gorges Smythe said...

My wife was amused at the chicken problem. She grew up taking care of her mother's flock.

Granny said...

Buy a large rubbermaid tote, set it in the bottom of the shower and you'll solve the chicken problem and save the water to put on your plants. We had an outdoor shower for years even though we had a fully plumbed indoor bathroom. We used our outdoor shower all summer long.