Tuesday, May 29, 2012

After the Storm

Last night about 10pm the storm hit. It started with a very powerful windstorm. It apparently never showers gently around here ... all precipitation must be delivered in as abrupt of fashion as possible.

We got a little over a half inch of rain. That means about 280 more gallons of drinking water in the tank. The plants have been watered thoroughly in the garden and are looking very perked up. Another day or two and we'll see how this helped them. None were blown over or damaged by the windstorm, luckily.

A trash can was knocked over and now there's trash scattered across an acre. That'll take a little while to clean up. Also the new windows I put in hadn't been caulked yet. Foolish me! I'd forgotten about that. So they leaked all around their sills.

It's generally after a storm where you figure out where the deficiencies are. Luckily we experienced no damage. The pond has some water in it now (a little) and the root cellar doesn't (good thing!). It's supposed to soar up to a 100 degrees today and with all this water on the surface I'm betting it's going to feel like a South Carolina summer. Yuck. Ah well. Maybe I'll try to catch up on some work in the workshop today.

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