Thursday, May 17, 2012

The County Agent is NOT Your Friend

Every morning about 8:30am on the radio station that comes out of the Concho Valley you can hear the agricultural report, brought to you by the county agent out there.

Let me speak plainly.

The man is a tool of the corporations and the state.

He is not your friend. He is not your buddy. He has a degree in agriculture, but probably no ranch to his name. He makes his living pimping the chemicals, machinery, and hybrid animals and seeds that the corporations lobby the government to sell on their behalf.

Agriculture thrives in the absence of government. Do not listen to your county extension agent. If he offers to help you then turn your back on him. Shun him in polite society like the whoremaster that he is.


Farmboy said...

I have to disagree here. I imagine ones experience with agents varies. We just lost our County Agent due to budget constraints and it was like a death in the family. She was incredibly knowledgeable having grown up on a ranch and studied animal husbandry in college. We would call Robin with any and all questions (mostly on cattle)and she would always find an answer even if it took much research. That was her job, helping us to be successful. No agenda. She liked her job and we liked her. Shalom.

Ernest said...

She sounds like a prize. Our county agent couldn't pour urine out of a boot with instructions printed on the heel.

The county agent who irks me the most (because he comes on the radio), ironically came on just about the time I was reading your comment. He was advocating the use of a particular brand of chemical weedkiller to eradicate plants in your stock tank.

Your county agent was most certainly not following the "program". She was likely as not bucking the system, which I highly approve of. I hope you've kept in touch with her.