Sunday, May 13, 2012

An Ugly Truth

The rain has come and it is a beautiful cool day. The old timers say that it cools off like this every spring. It's about 70 degrees outside and sunny. Things are progressing well.

I suppose it's time for me to offend some more people, but I'm going to give my opinion on Mother's Day.

We don't celebrate it here on the farm. Mother's Day is a foolish endeavor. It is an entirely American tradition to DESTROY something and then set aside some pittance to pretend that we honor it. Much as how we'll bulldoze a forest to put up a shopping mall and then name that shopping mall "Happy Glade" or something to remind us of the forest it once was.

The institution of motherhood is all but destroyed in America today. Half of the families I know have a grandmother raising her grandchildren because her children are too drug-addled, depraved, or irresponsible to do so. If the grandmother did such a poor job with her own children then why would anyone expect that she'll do a better job with her grandchildren? Or is she just raising yet another generation of drug consumers, depravity-loving, irresponsible human beings?

Our society honors the hard-working mother who sends her children off to be raised by other people and then goes back to her 9-5. We honor the schools where children are taught by people who don't love them and who in all probability HATE THEM and want to see them suffer.

We must hold a mirror up to ourselves and be judged by our actions, not by our stated beliefs. America hates children and families. We destroy them as fast as possible. Our highest aspirations for our children are that they may go out and get good jobs (wage slavery) so they may buy lots of stuff. We've allowed the corporations and government to enslave and corrupt our children because we were too weak and scared to do anything about it.

We must make a change in our lives in order to preserve the next generation. Teach them that credit and employment are traps for the unwary and unwise. Teach them that family matters more than things and comfort. Teach them that the ways of the world are full of ungodliness and destruction lies down that road.

Teach them before it is too late.


Gorges Smythe said...

Though I agree with what you say, your comments about wage slavery could be easily misconstrued. As for the holiday itself, I'm sure you remember that the very woman who started it later tried to destroy it, since it had already become commercialized and lost its purpose.

Farmboy said...

Kudos for taking a stand. I agree that our system of governmental reliance, non-biblical values, and general unsustainable "standard of living" has destroyed families. While I agree with the assessment of the problem, I think honoring mothers is an intrinsically laudable idea. Having said this, I see your point and would add, as a quasi Messianic believer, I have similar views on other traditional holidays. Shalom.

Ernest said...

Gorges - I'm not up to speed on the origins of the holiday. Explain?

Farmboy - The concept is one I agree with, and as a general reminder I don't mind it so much. However the radio bombardment of "take Mom to dinner here" or "buy Mom a new car" and the other commercialization is one of the things that bothers me the most. Of course they're doing the exact same thing for Memorial Day so I guess that level of crassness is to be expected everywhere.

I suppose it's just that there are very few (if any) aspects of modern American culture that I like. For the most part it is degraded and degenerate.

Aine said...

In my opinion Mother's Day has followed the same path as many other holidays/celebrations- Overdone Commercialization.

My kids made me breakfast in bed and bought me chicken wire and plants. I don't want or expect fancy dinners, jewelry I won't wear or any of that other expensive junk. My kids love and appreciate me every day and buy me little gifts all through the year, breakfast in bed is just a bonus.

I noticed this year that even for Easter people were at the toy stores spending tons of money to stuff baskets like it was Christmas. One news story I read said that parents, on an average spend $100-$150 per child just to stuff the basket! Really??

People should try celebrating holidays as they were meant to be celebrated or just bypass them altogether.


Farmboy said...

Amen my brother. I guess I'm too isolated. I don't listen to the radio, rarely watch TV and live so far out in the sticks there are no billboards. Commercialization is a fact but I'm blissfully unaware of it.