Wednesday, June 6, 2012

From John Owen and "Mortification of Sin" ...

"Now, as you may see in a garden, let there be a precious herb
   planted, and let the ground be untilled, and weeds grow about it,
   perhaps it will live still, but be a poor, withering, unuseful thing.
   You must look and search for it, and sometimes can scarce find it; and
   when you do, you can scarce know it, whether it be the plant you look
   for or no; and suppose it be, you can make no use of it at all. When,
   let another of the same kind be set in the ground, naturally as barren
   and bad as the other, but let it be well weeded, and every thing that
   is noxious and hurtful removed from it, -- it flourishes and thrives;
   you may see it at first look into the garden, and have it for your use
   when you please. So it is with the graces of the Spirit that are
   planted in our hearts.

How is the garden of your soul today? Does it need weeding? Mine does. Little weeds and sprouts of anger, lust, vainglory, and sloth are constantly popping up. I pull them as fast as I can but then I turn around and discover that a neglected weed has taken root and grown immense, shading out the good!

It is the principle work of our lives to weed this garden. More important than eating, then tending to our jobs, or resting. It is constant duty all of our waking hours.

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