Friday, June 29, 2012

My Thoughts on Obamacare

A lot of hubbub about this latest Supreme Court ruling. I'm trying to comprehend how this is going to impact me in my new life but I'll post my initial thoughts on this.

I'm reminded directly of the part in Exodus where the pharoah tells the Israelites that henceforth they must make bricks without straw. They would have to gather their own straw to make the bricks, therefore working much harder and having no time for the worship of their God, or so the pharaoah thought.

The Israelites complained that every time Moses and Aaron went before the pharoah to petition on their behalf that things got worse.

Moses spoke of this to God and God answered that the pharoah himself would soon drive the Israelites out of Egypt in order to save himself from what God was going to visit upon him.

Being denied straw to make bricks will only impact you if you're planning on continuing to make bricks. If your plan is to follow God's call into the wilderness then what do you care what pharoah says?

There may very well be religious exemptions in Obamacare for the Amish or people who live in similar fashion. The only thing I've seen on that so far is if you're a member of a "recognized religious sect". Well, that's not constitutional either as it sets up specific religious movements as "state sponsored".

I do not believe in insurance. It is demonstrating a lack of faith in God's providence and specifically denying Him the ability to work in your life. I do not carry property insurance and only vehicle liability as required by the law. At worst I could cease to drive and therefore not have to carry the vehicle liability.

But how do I cease to live? Can I surrender my American citizenship and therefore be exempt from this without being evicted from our borders?

So I will have to pay the fine or go to jail. Either way the government has placed a lien on my labors. I must now raise an animal to pay the fine for each of us in my household, or set aside a special week to make knives specifically to pay these fines (and even then I still have to manage to SELL them). Will the government accept payment in vegetables, fruits, meat, or knives? I don't think so.

I have been enslaved to a small degree and I do not believe there is any small degree of slavery that can be withstood. We now all chop cotton for at least a limited amount of time on Uncle Sam's plantation.

I think before too long we will discover that the $300 (or whatever it costs) we will be fined will go to provide healthcare for others, primarily abortions. Will they set aside a special abortion-free fund to deal with those of us who have religious objections to abortion (just call it a conscience against murdering babies for the sake of truth)? In no way could I stand for my labors, however small, going to murder babies.

So am I in fact just waiting to go to jail? How long am I going to be required to stay in jail each year in exchange for not paying the fine? Two days? A week? Or will I be put there indefinitely until I cough up the cash?

These questions are all on my mind, but only to a small degree. God is still sovereign and I pray that He rains down such mnisfortune and woe upon these people that they will BEG me and others like me to take whatever exemptions they offer on whatever terms I see fit.


Blue Heron Farm said...

There is no jail penalty attached to this bill. And there is no taxpayer funding of abortions, ever. So, you know - less for you to worry about.

Ralph Mouth said...

Remember, it is all in the plan. So no need to fret, God knows all this, and has set this before you (us). Relax, get your workshop built and enjoy your family.

Farmboy said...

To continue the parallel from Exodus, the extent of our bondage just increased. At this point,I believe most Egyptians (Americans) see only the loving kindness in the socialism of Pharaoh. How long will it take for Abba's people to cry out to him? Exo 3:7-10. Shalom.