Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Workshop Update - Foundation Down

Ok, the new workshop has been sized out and begun. I only had a 100 earthbags and I thought that they'd go a little further, but they do not. With the size of the workshop, these bags are about 2 layers for every 100 bags. I ordered some more and they'll be here tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to take the rest of the day and tomorrow morning to rest. This is extremely difficult work and very labor intensive. Each bag is about 40 pounds and right now with only one wheelbarrow I'm having to carry them too far (80 feet from where they get filled).

So when the rest of my bags get here on Friday then we'll think of ways to refine the process. If I buy another wheelbarrow then we can have one kid filling the wheelbarrow down at the dirtpile, another kid filling the bags up at the construction site, and all I would probably have to do is move the full wheelbarrow into place and lift the bags up into place on the walls. Sounds like a much easier process. Yesterday we moved about 60 bags and I dang near killed myself. I'm estimating about a 1000 bags right now to complete the workshop structure and I can't be limited to 60 bags per day. That would take forever and the house would take 2 years to complete.

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InvalidID said...

You have a truck yes? Why not fill the bags and load them into the truck? You can then drive a few layers worth of bags to the shop site all at once.