Sunday, June 3, 2012


These are my special fermented garlic pickles. Supposed to keep them fermenting for a week but they don't seem to last longer than 3 days. At that point we can't wait any longer and eat up the whole jar.

That batch has garlic, onions, and serrano peppers. Spicy, pungent, and delicious! Like me. :)


Amanda Becker said...

You need to start posting the recipe Ernie! I wanna give this a shot!

Amanda Becker said...

PLease I want a recipe! Post it! LOL- I wanna try this one!

Ernest said...

Ok, here goes ... I don't really do recipes very well (which is why each batch turns out slightly different).

Cut up cucumbers into bite-size pieces and stuff them down into a quart jar. Then add 6 pungent garlic cloves. If the garlic isn't garlic-ish enough then add more. I like to squish them with the flat of a knife before I shove them in there. It seems to express more flavor into the cucumbers.

Then the special "Daddy's Del Diablo" ingredients must be added.

I'm going to add about a tablespoon or so of crushed red pepper. Then I'm going to cram down some sliced fresh peppers (whatever I've got on hand.) Jalapenos are good but so are Serranos. I don't cut out the seeds and innards on those peppers. I just slice them up into little pieces and add them in.

I then put in about a 1/4th cup of whey and then fill the jar to about halfway with apple cider vinegar with the mother. The mother is very important here ... there is no substitute. The mother is a giant bacterial colony filled with little helpers. You want to give them a good start.

Then I fill up the rest of the jar with brine. That's 8 cups of water and 6 tablespoons of salt stirred and dissolved.

You'll have brine leftover unless you're doing multiple jars.

Ernest said...

Oh, then you've got to let it sit at room temperature for at least 3 days. Burp it multiple times per day. It's best if you use some sort of heavy object to hold the cucumbers and stuff below the surface of the brine, but failing that you can do like I do and constantly flip the jar over and over. I usually fill them up too high and when I burp them some liquid escapes.

The liquid will create bubbles like crazy on about the second day and a lot of pressure. On the third day, sample your pickles and see if you want to eat them. If not, give them a few more days.

If it smells bad then it should go to the pig or chickens who won't mind a little spoilage. I've not had a jar spoil on me so far.