Thursday, July 5, 2012

All Wet

Today I got a 1/2hp electric transfer pump and hooked it up to about 300' of garden hose. One end in the pond and ran it off an inverter on my truck.

It says it pumps 1420 gallons per hour and I ran it into my garden for 2 solid hours. Yep, that's a lot of watering. That's one thorough soaking in my garden got and I'm going to try for that twice per week. Maybe then we can salvage some of these plants that have been languishing and see if we can't increase the yield a little.

We're not doing too bad in the garden this year, all things considered. I got a lot of space set up and I'm getting a lot of cantaloupe and tomatoes. There's about one plateful of okra and the cucumbers are just now starting to really pop. I have high hopes we might yet salvage the year with abundant water pumped from the pond.

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