Friday, July 27, 2012


Though you be apart, still does my heart cling to thee and I call you brother and sister. To this is God's purpose, that you may seek truth and spread truth, if Christ grants unto you the ability to perceive it.  I would that it be so in your life.

 Pride is the demon that haunts all of the elect, preying on us like ravenous wolves when we cease to be alert to the danger. Cleave in love that your heart may be changed by Christ, not that your heart be hardened against us.

 It is not by our hands that we our saved but by the blood of Christ and thus it is not that we should consider ourselves to be elevated. It is for His holy purpose that this is so, not ours. We are no different than the crawling mass of sinful humanity that inhabits the cities. Christ has called us out. It is not our hearts and our hands and our will that it be so.

 Our lives are hard but the labor purifies the spirit; for the desert is the forge of God where His principal work is the crafting of saints. If you wished only leisure and comfort then it would be better not to have come to the desert. One comes because one is called and drawn out as wheat is separated from tares. What will become of the tares? Do not dwell among them long lest you share their fate.

As you sojourn, remember us in the desert and your time here. When your wanderings are done, a place has been prepared for you. We are the body of Christ and in us He indwells. It is not good for the members of the body to be separated from each other. If it be God's will then I wish that we be whole again here on this earth, but if not then I know we shall be together in heaven and part of the joyous song.