Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The workshop continues growing. We are about halfway up the walls and ready for windows now. Earthbag building is slow and labor intensive. I have brought in some help though ... A couple of men from the religious community nearby. They are making short work of this. It is a true pleasure to build and labor in their company.

I think we have probably another two weeks to go.


B. Everett said...

Ernest, do you do anything to keep the bags from slipping laterally?


Patt said...

I assume that you are aware that you have a serious problem there on the right hand side?

B. Everett said...

After embiggering the picture, I can see some rebar poking up......sorry for the confusion.

B. Everett said...

After embiggering the picture, I see the rebar poking up through the bags.... sorry for the confusion.

Ernest said...

Rebar was probably not needed but it made me feel more secure. Between the bag layers are strands of barbed wire which hold them in plaace. They are hard to move if they don't get placed right.

As to the problem on the right, it isn't as bad as it looks if you're talking about the sloping bags. they are reinforced and buttressed out of view. we checked them carefully and the wall is level and stable.

10kids said...

Thanks for posting the picture. We've been curious about this building method. Please keep us posted!