Monday, August 27, 2012

Cuba's Oil Crisis

This is an interesting video someone posted on a forum recently. I haven't found time to watch all of it yet but I've gotten a little of the way through it.

Sometimes you have to wade through the greenie crap to find the truth. What's more annoying is that most people in the Green Movement are liberals. They're too naive to see through the illusion that the government actually wants to save the planet.

The power elites in government doesn't want to save the planet for YOU. They want to save it for them. They'll save it for them by killing off 90% of the population and then forcing the remaining small percentage to work at continuing to provide the quality of life the power elites demand.

Anyway, here's the video. Cuba's sugar daddy (Russia) could no longer afford them and with the existing embargoes on Cuba they couldn't sell. Their economy fell apart. Imagine a scenario in which we no longer can buy oil from overseas and in which much of our manufacturing production doesn't exist. Imagine a scenario where foreign nations no longer want to buy our worthless dollar.

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