Thursday, September 13, 2012

Book Review - Fiction - Tailchaser's Song

I haven't read this book for years, but I found it on the bookshelf and picked it up for a reread. The weather has been gloomy and I've been stuck unable to do much gardening or outdoor projects all week and I needed something to read.

Tad Williams explores the rich and vibrant world of cats in this one. He crafts for them their own society which feels very real and populates it with conventions and a mythology unique to cats. It's a very entertaining read and you lose yourself in the story very quickly. I also find it very refreshing to just pick up a good book that resolves itself between the front and back cover. So much of modern fiction, especially fantasy, works itself out in these sweeping epics across 15 or so novels. Unless you happen to stumble upon an unknown author who wrapped up his sweeping epic before you were born then you end up waiting for the story to resolve itself over the course of two decades, as my wife and I had to do with Robert Jordan's series.

As a rule, I keep only Kindle versions of books I don't plan to reread. Tailchaser's Song earns its permanent place on the bookshelves though as my large family will end up rereading it every couple of years. I highly recommend this book if you've got a day or two and want to kick back and relax.

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