Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Story Campaign So Far ...

For the short novella "Year of the Wendigo", so far we've given away 125 copies on Kindle Direct Publishing. Not too bad. I don't really know what a free campaign is supposed to yield so I'm impressed that we've given away any at all.

Writing is an enjoyable exercise and I continue to do it, time allowing. These days there's a lot of demands on my time and it seems like I never get much done but when I do have spare time ... I drift back to writing. I would be well-pleased if it bore some fruit and the readership gained a little traction.

I remember when I first started writing on this blog, I was getting over a thousand hits per day and generating a substantial ad revenue. The readership dropped dramatically when I stopped posting the BI every day and even more so when I began to speak more solely about religion. Is this not the very nature of mankind though? There's a narrow gate Christians are told to be seeking, and I suppose an even more narrow readership for those authors out there. I don't really write "Christian" literature and many of my stories span the past two decades of my life so they certainly run the gambit but I notice that there is a more Christian trend as I continue to age in the craft.

How do each of us use our gifts towards Christ? I suppose this is something we are to be continuously asking ourselves.


ladyhawthorne said...

I don't think it's about the numbers. The important thing is that you touch people, they learn something and pass it on.
I left a review on the Year of the Wendigo, I thought it was excellent. Do you have plans to write more books with Angelo and Tobias?

K said...

I am using my gift by going to medical school and not wasting the talents that God has given me. I hope to be a beacon of light.

Patrice said...

I use my gifts to help the needy through our local church.

I just downloaded your book and when I get a chance to read it I will leave a review for you. Thanks for offering it up for free, I love to read but have a very limited budget. I feel very blessed to be on the receiving end of anything I can get for free these days.