Thursday, October 4, 2012

Last Night's Debate

I didn't watch it ... I went out to dinner and ate good catfish.

However, it appears from today's commentary that Romney won. With such a close race right now, this is probably going to mean that Obama is going to lose the coming election.

You should probably prepare for that. These people have committed multiple criminal acts in which lives were lost in order to further their agenda. That type of mindset doesn't step down easily. If they step down at all, it will be because they can't figure out a way to do it by any means necessary.

Next you should consider that Obama is just their front man. He's not a very competent front man either. Apparently when he's stripped of his fawning media and pre-written speeches, he's revealed as neither a fast-thinker, good speaker, or a competent statesman. He's a stooge. What is important is all the hardcore communists who are supporting and propping him up. Where are they going to go? How are we going to purge our government of those who have been inserted in the past four years and will continue to undermine our nation for the next four decades?

And finally, if Obama loses and leaves quietly and without any mess at all Romney takes the reins of power ... what have we gained?

Not a thing. Romney's agenda mirrors Obama's except that Romney has actually been competent enough to get those things passed. Romney is a cultist who believes that God is a space alien and that if he follows the rules closely enough, he will be able to become a God himself and rule his own planet somewhere in our universe.

We're screwed. Whoever wins, we lose.

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OD from HT said...

Unfortunately, most people forget that more then 2 men are running. People complain that they don't like either O or R...well then look at the other guys and pick one! The only way we will get away from a 2 party system is if we start exercising our right to vote and consider ALL the candidates.

I'd love to see a Pres Election where the Dem and the Rep get a big surprise that even added together they didn't even get half the votes cast.