Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Structural Engineer Update

Well, I met with the guy last evening. First thing I noticed when he pulled up and got out was how young he was. I thought, "Do I really want to trust my family's safety to this kid?" But upon reflection, I'm thinking I've just reached that age where there's a substantial number of working individuals who are younger than me. Probably something to start getting used to.

He used lots of words and phrases I didn't understand and was able to explain them to me, which I find to be a good marker for estimating proficiency. He didn't think what we were trying to do was crazy and also seemed to think that it might fit within the projected budget I gave him. He should return a quote here in the next day or two.

If this doesn't work, our "Plan B" is probably going to be to just add on to the cabin. It would be very easy to attach a 32' X 24' building and would probably be about half the cost. Ultimately we'd prefer our underground concrete home for a whole lot of reasons, but we're blessed with the resources right now to be able to expand.

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Mark Pfeiffer said...


Can you give an idea of what kind of underground home you are considering.