Thursday, January 24, 2013

Acts 19

This morning I was reading the story of what happened in Ephesus when Paul was there, as told to us in Acts 19.

Paul and some of his men were there preaching and a riot broke out when the silversmiths and idol makers stoked the crowd against the Christians. The mob was told that the Christians were belittling Diana, the main goddess of Ephesus at that time.

What a ruckus.

Sometimes when we speak of Christ, all other things seem little. This is because all things ARE little in comparison to Christ. We don't have to intentionally belittle those other things which people hold dear, but they will feel belittled when we speak of our mighty savior.

And most importantly we should pay attention to who it was that stoked up the anger of the mob against Paul and the other Christians. It was Demetrius the silversmith, who saw the preaching of the Christians and realized that his source of income (idol making) was being threatened. He brought together his fellows in like business and convinced them that they should stir up the people against the Christians.

How little has changed today! If you as a Christian are speaking out against any of the modern idols, watch how fast those whose livelihoods are threatened will attack you. Speak against the government, or the military, or even something as trivial as high school football and watch them line up to stone you.

Resolve today to speak out against a modern idol and start a riot.

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Gorges Smythe said...

You don't even have to say a lot to upset some of them! :-)