Saturday, January 12, 2013

America is the Warsaw Ghetto

Here in the second term of his presidency, Obama has decided to make his move. The dead bodies of small children did for him what his gun-running scheme "Fast and Furious" failed to do: it mobilized public attention.

Now the vice president announces that Obama is going to circumvent the entire legal system and will issue an executive order banning guns, either all or some.

Many of you are, like myself, peace-loving individuals. We want nothing more than to raise our children in peace. We want to read our books, tend our gardens, live simply, and devote our lives to God. Bloody revolution is the farthest thing from our minds. We care not what kind of government is out there, so long as it leaves us alone.

I can see now that it will not.

If it were simply a matter of their greed for my property, I could willingly give it all up to them and be left in peace. I could stack my belongings out by the road for them to cart away. I might suffer without some of them for awhile, but the peace I could get in return would be worth it.

If it were simply a matter of taxes, I could pay them off and be done. Or, if unable to stand the continuous increase in their tax schemes, I could drop out of the system and neither earn nor spend, thus falling off of their tax rolls.

If it were simply a matter of public safety and they truly believed that guns were dangerous and wanted them out of the hands of the less trained, then I could either go get further training or surrender my guns and go in peace.

Yet I can see that it is not a matter of these things. They do not want your property, they want you entirely enslaved. They want your children enslaved, so that they can be reeducated and so that they will not be bothered with this "freedom foolishness" in future generations.

If a single one of us remains free, even if we be hiding naked in a hollow long in the deepest wilderness and eating locusts and wild honey, their plans cannot succeed. The enslaved will have a basis for comparison and will have a word for what they yearn for in their hearts.

So if they cannot enslave us, they must kill us. This is why it is so important for them to disarm us today, for who would willingly allow themselves to be killed? Before they reveal what it is they intend to do with those stalwarts and malcontents who will not be willingly enslaved, they must disarm us all so that there can be no violent resistance to their plans.

Our backs are against the wall. In the coming years, the economy is going to fall apart. They have destroyed it deliberately. The food sysem will collapse. They have poisoned it deliberately. We will be attacked by foreign enemies, who they will have nurtured and brought in.

The shibboleths of our society have been systematically attacked by the usurper Obama. He put a pedophile in charge of schools. He put a tax fraud in charge of the treasury. He put a racist criminal in charge of the justice system. All of our institutions have been brought low.

I suggest that you start memorizing Psalms 91, so that you may take comfort from in it the years to come. Whether you hunker in the field of war, awaiting the enemy to cross into your ambush, or whether you languish in prison. And with your spiritual needs seen to, you may begin tending to the hard business ahead.


Gorges Smythe said...

It's so sad that half our country is already brainwashed. They STILL believe that he's the answer to our problems.

K said...

Moses was absolutely correct.