Thursday, January 31, 2013

Continuing Thoughts on Primitivism

I'll keep posting stuff I'm reading and thinking along these lines for awhile, until either the concept runs dry or I change my point of view.

It appears to me that God has ordained a somewhat more simple existence for men. His chosen people were simple herdsmen in lands where cities and high degrees of specialization were considered places of sin. The Bible uses primarily agrarian concepts to explain deep theological principles.

So why are we now building jet engines and killer flying robots (drones) to kill our enemies? How did we get that far? Sin? Prideful nature of man?

I'm about to watch this long video here and see what thoughts come of it. This fellow, Derrick Jensen, seems to be one of the players in the debate of primitivism and what it should look like. Some of the others have left me turned off based on their leftist principles. I'll explain more of that later as well.

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