Friday, January 4, 2013

Snow Day

Woke up this morning and there's about 2" of snow on the ground out there. I heard it start coming down last night, whispering against the steel roof of the cabin but up under the blankets I was too comfortable to go to the window. When I went down this morning, a herd of 8 deer crossed the fence right in front of the house so I grabbed the camera. I took a bunch of blurry shots until my wife grabbed the camera away from me in disgust and took a good one.

When I imported the photos in I could see that there's a lot more I hadn't seen. My wife, a photographer by avocation and vocation, grabs the camera every so often when there's an event going on she feels is worth keeping. So here's a couple of those events over the past year.

River Lily has a new jacket. Her city cousin outgrew it.

My wife always seems to snap a photo of me loafing on the couch reading. Law of averages, I suppose.

The boys playing with some goo. Don't ask.
We started work at the end of summer on the addition to the cabin. Every child helped. Someday when they are grown, they will look at this structure (or its ruins) and say to their children, "I built that with your grandpa."

Storm coming in. There is no sky anywhere like a Texas sky when a storm is in the works.

The curmudgeon outside of the workshop. Notice the broken down, sagging, about-to-collapse look. Oh, and the workshop isn't in good shape either.

The addition with the plywood up.

Another view of the addition. And yes, I am sitting there again.

Half of a roof on the addition.
Looking for a hole to dig. Nobody digs themself into a hole like I do.

The particular photo I wanted to show you this morning. Shot out of my living room.

This is Momotaro, or as I call him, "Momo the Preposterous Cat". Someone dumped about 6 kittens out by the road and Momo decided he wasn't having any of it, so I woke up one morning and he was under our porch. I thought at first he was a Japanese bobtail, but now I suspect either some other critter or a slamming door may have removed Momo's tail before he joined us. He weighed about 6 fluid ounces when he showed up, but now he's a fat little scamp.

My friend Kelly and I were apparently deep in thought about something or other. I miss Kelly. He used to live nearby but now he's moved back to east Texas.

The menfolk discuss something that was, in all likelihood, amusing, political, or profane. Possibly all three. The man on the right is my good friend Corky who I work with on occasion.

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