Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What God Wants

This is not the world that God created for us to live in. We do not spend our days doing what He wants us to do, but rather what we feel we must do in order to survive. Yet our views on what is essential to survive have become very badly skewed. People are assaulting each other in stores over iPads and designer clothing.

Obama and the destruction of the United States surely must be ordained by God. We've practiced infanticide on a factory scale with an estimated 55 million children perishing under the knife. I fear that this will be our sin, though we spoke against it and did not participate. We allowed it to happen. We did not cast out abortionists from our churches. We did not spit on them in the street. We did not elect politicians who would make it their single mission to stop the murder of children.

God will now test us in poverty. The pharaoh will command that we make bricks without straw and we will have to obey. We will have to beg for our bread. We will watch our national influence wither and die as other nations are lifted up. Our children will suffer for our sins. We will see bloody civil war again and the killing fields of Shiloh will range across the entire nation. Bloody-handed men without conscience shall rain death upon us with machines.

We will be tested. God is going to sift us like wheat. It is not courage that He seeks, but enduring faithfulness.

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