Sunday, January 6, 2013

Why me?

All I want is to live free and to raise my children as I see fit. I would like to keep the majority of the profit from my labors, if God says there should be profit, and I would like to live unhindered by rules and regulations designed by people who do not live like I do.

Apparently this woman's statist sleep is disturbed by the existence of a gun in my hand.

Senator Feinstein

I have never met her nor crossed paths in any business circle with her. She has likely never heard my name, read my blog, or bought one of my short stories on Amazon. I've never sold her a knife. I've never dug a septic tank for her or sold her any firewood.

Why does she fear me so? What plans does she have that she thinks I might violently resist if I am not disarmed? Why does she feel that I need to have my property (as it was my grandfather's before me) taken from me by force?

What exactly is she up to that it's so important that I be made helpless?

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Gorges Smythe said...

Many of Satans mimions are mere humans and don't want anyone to be able to resist their evil. I think it's really that simple.