Monday, February 18, 2013

Bad Habits

Yesterday I burned up a generator. I hadn't checked the oil in it for some time and the engine seized up. It's not an expensive generator, but it's the equivalent of about 5 hours work lost, and it should have lasted another 2-5 years without a general overhaul.

Having surplus money has taught me a lot of bad habits, or rather, not forced me to learn good ones. I tend to replace tools instead of maintaining or repairing them.

That has to end. So I'm instituting a general maintenance day where once a month I go through all of the machines and make sure they receive their needed maintenance.


Tobster said...

Ernie, I am enjoying the posts, glad to see you have a little extra time for the blog during the short days of winter. Now that you have been on alt energy for awhile, was the Boxwell book a good choice or have your experiences uncovered other valuable info sources on the subject?

Thanks, Tobster

Ernest said...

Hey there, Tobster. Thanks for the comment.

I've had surplus time out the wazoo lately. I don't know what to do with myself. I'll post more about that in the days to come.

On the topic of energy, I received some good advice on the theories of solar, which led me to understand all of the books a lot better. I read about a dozen books and the Boxwell one doesn't stand out in my mind.

The best and most valuable source just came from the company I bought my stuff from. They walked me through how to set it up through each step and stage. Backwoods Solar is their name. I recommend giving them a try.