Saturday, February 2, 2013

Does Anarchy Frighten You?

Does the word "anarchy" frighten you? It did me. Perhaps because I didn't know much about it other than spoiled rich kids sitting in a park in New York, or bomb-throwing WTO opposers in Seattle. Those represent anti-government forces, but not exactly pro-anarchy forces.
The movement towards zero gov is a big tent movement. It's filled with a lot of freaks and those freaks get the air time in our big gov media. If there's a soft-spoken Christian wearing a nice shirt and with a decent haircut, the press is going to walk past him to find some blue mohawked, face quadruple pierced, forehead tattooed yelling guy to represent the movement.

If my current study alarms you in any way, or you've perhaps think I've gone off the deep end, then look at these facts and perhaps you'll follow me a little further down the rabbit hole:

Big governments have killed over 100 million people this century alone. How many people have anarchists killed?


Gorges Smythe said...

That's true. Anarchy is only a transitional state, though. It's either a step toward freedom or, more often, tyranny.

Ernest said...

Most of the authors I am reading about aren't talking about the anarchy state of a collapsed government or some Mad Max world.

That would just be chaos.

But the primitive state of man that existed prior to the invention of agriculture and specialization of labor. The hunter/gatherer state.

It's the world's longest-lived system of "government" and it existed for roughly 300,000 years before civilization began in Mesopotamia.

Some say it's the only sustainable form that man can exist in.