Saturday, February 2, 2013

Garden Planning

Sitting down with paper and pencil over the next couple of weeks to draft out the garden plans. I have two main areas in which I can be gardening. Not too shabby. It's a lot of space. I have more garden footage than I have water available, so that'll be a challenge.

Last frost date here is supposed to be April 8 but you can start pushing it with most of your garden plants around the second week in March. For the frost-tolerant stuff I could probably plant them in two weeks.

This is going to be a very important garden year. We're going to be relying on that food to cut our expenses as we transition our incomes. This is the superbowl of garden seasons.

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Jess (Ozark Momma) said...

Have you thought about modifying the square foot plan? Water isn't as much of an issue for us as it is you, but we're still going for something similar to the square foot gardening to cut back on water use as well as time spent in the garden itself.

The big push for us doing this is Tanker's back, of course. Something like this will give us more punch for the work and less work for me if I'm going it alone due to a sudden back outage, ya know?