Monday, February 4, 2013

Smog Over Beijing

Hey, Americans. This is where your smog went. Beijing. With all of the manufacturing jobs went the corresponding level of pollution, and so while China got the jobs, they also got the smog.

Chinese news media said that it would be "suicide" to go outside and breath the air.

How does a population tolerate this? The Constitution describes an inalienable right of self-defense, partially illustrated in the 2nd Amendment. This inalienable right is not one granted only to Americans, but to all men. This would include Chinese.

Why have the Chinese not risen up to kill those who are killing them with such pollution? What methods does the Chinese government use to keep them from doing so?


Gorges Smythe said...

Most folks are too dense to understand. Sadly, most of us bloggers are just preaching to the choir.

Alice Cunningham said...

They accept the pollution as the cost of living, as a way of obtaining a wage to support a family, though not a true family as the size is so curtailed by the satanically based government. What is a bit of coughing compared with a growing economy? The Father did not put man here to live upon the dependence of Big Brother or the Nannystate.

Ernest said...

Are those the choices? Watch your family starve or suffer the effects of runaway industrialism?

How did all of those Chinese make out before the factories came?