Tuesday, April 9, 2013

On "Sustainability"

I do not know why this is such a dirty word amongst conservatives. Yes, the United Nations and many liberal governments are using it to try and seize control over you, but let's talk about a few points here:

1. Our current civilization is not sustainable. Not by any stretch of the imagination. We depend entirely upon a limited resource which we must fight wars to obtain. Everyone willing to sell it to us has already sold us theirs. So now it's time to kill to keep our civilization going.

2. Corporations have demonstrated that, if allowed, they will pollute, clearcut, or stripmine an entire region and then move on elsewhere. They are not local mom and pop shops that live in the areas they exploit.

3. There will have to be many initiatives in order to even begin to try and bake in enough "sustainability" to keep even a remnant of our civilization alive once we run out of fuel and run out of the military might to go out and acquire more.

Corporate shills like Glenn Beck have been telling you all about the evil "Agenda 21". In fact, they wrote books to sell you about how evil it is. Don't get me wrong, the United Nations cannot be trusted to any degree.

But just because your local town wants to open a recycling center doesn't mean you need to storm your local government angrily and scream about how they've fallen to Agenda 21.

Do you WANT to live in a polluted wasteland? Do you want to have your lands and property, and the places where your children will live, destroyed by corporations by profit?

No? Then you may just have to step forward and take some actions to stop this, even if it means that your speech and actions resemble that of a liberal environmentalist wacko.

Living in freedom does NOT mean we have to let bad neighbors destroy the land.


Gorges Smythe said...

I think the reason that environmentalism is fought against by some conservatives is because so many pushing it are using force to implement it , but not living up to the ideal themselves (think Al Gore).

Humble wife said...

Good post. I often am amazed at how *green* I am according to my lifestyle and yet most of my leanings take me to the opposite end of the spectrum.

I cannot imagine wasting water as I live in the desert. I cannot imagine ever buying meat again when we raise our own, without hormones, free ranging critters.

I cannot imagine using chemicals in my cleaning. I believe we should buy locally to support our base. I believe we should eat as much as possible organic and without preservatives.

I believe that less is more and that repurposing pretty much all I have instead of tossing it, is money smart and preserves the finite resource we have~$.

I am with Gorges...I do not wish to be forced to do the things I am doing, and I darn well do not wish to be told that the wealthy can *buy* there way into being green. This is why I find their message so false. Live it, as it makes sense. Sell it and I see you believe it because it makes you cents.


Blue Duck said...

Well i for one oppose the Agenda 21 pushers who want EVERYONE to live in the city and have very limited numbers if any living between said cities... THAT is in no way sustainable though they push it as such.

Yes corporations are greedy, big deal, so are the bottom feeding welfare workers [government employees] who insist they do a job that is important and please give them more money to live a better life, yet show me their callused hands!

wars fought over energy reserves are idiotic, but yet war itself is idiotic and merely the grease to keep the wheels and gears of the machine lubricated and running for to many free thinking people and the machine will end up being fixed and the free loading welfare recipients and their offshoots with hands prying into REAL working folks pockets to "redistribute" that wealth will find them slapped.... then shot.

I like energy, i know enough about making my own WITHOUT the use of oil for the most part to be dangerous, the PTB rewrote several books 100-150 years ago just so that magnetics would not take a top tier in energy production... James Clerk Maxwell figgered it out and wrote 2 volumes on the subject and i am trying to decode his equations, and ifin what i see is correct, those rare earth magnets [yes they require oil to produce] may indeed be the wave of the future for power sources.... if such is not shut down by big oil corps.

yeah i know its been awhile