Sunday, April 7, 2013


So the potatoes appear to have survived through TWO hard frosts. Some are having a hard time bouncing back, but they still have some green on them so I'm hopeful. I don't want to replant all of that. Since it means doing without taters this year if I'm wrong, I may plant a "necessity patch" somewhere else.

Across the farm there are hundreds of different types of wild plants coming up, many blooming with beautiful flowers. I wish I had the ability to identify them all and know their purposes. I'm certain that many would serve me no real use, but perhaps others might. What blessings am I passing by each day, taking in no more than its beauty?

My boys and I are building a fence for a barn pasture. After we build the fence for the barn pasture, I suppose we shall also have to build the barn.

This place was such a blank slate when we got here. It was just a big empty wildland. It looks like a farm now. Sometimes I wish though that there was still some more wildland left.

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ladyhawthorne said...

Don't know where you are but check out these 2 sites as many plants grow all over the US.