Monday, April 29, 2013

Vastness of Creation

I wonder sometimes why so many Christians seem to have such a strange view of nature. The more I learn of the world around me, the more I see how so little of it is made for me. There are many places on this planet, which some would have us believe is here expressly to house us, which we cannot go. In fact, probably the vast majority of this planet is not hospitable to us. Certainly what we know of the vast universe is not hospitable to us.

In the face of so much of known creation being either inhospitable or inaccessible to humanity, why do we as humans continue to persist in our belief that we are absolutely central to God's story?


Gorges Smythe said...

Because He says so.

Ernest said...

Hrm. Where at?

I know from Genesis we were appointed caretakers of the Garden, but that does not make it clear to me that we are the reason for all of creation.

quest586 said...

Interesting...I cant think of what else the reason would be. God's love for us seems pretty central to the overall story. And dont forget the earth probably looked a lot different before the fall and the flood.