Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Boosting Knife Sales

Well, it's time for a new idea, and I've got one. This one is specifically for you knife collectors out there, or also perhaps for folks who like to give away knives as gifts to their friends and family.

I'm going to create a "knife of the month club" for my shop. For the set price of $750, you can join the group and here's what I'll be offering:

1 exclusive knife designed specifically for club members
3 custom orders and custom designs chosen by you
8 unique knives, all throughout the year.

That's 1 knife per month sent straight to you for a set price. This allows me to have some money up front to continue making knifes, and gives you the opportunity to get some unique knives and have a lot of input into the process, as well as supporting a craftsman. Because the money is collected up front, it gives me the ability to cut the price per knife significantly. So where I normally sell these knives for around $70 and then collect $10-15 for shipping, you'd be getting each of your 12 knives for the average cost of $62.50 and not have to pay shipping at all.

In addition, I'll be running special deals each month exclusive to the club members (and on top of the regular sales that I run).

I'm still working out the details, but I'm ready to begin discussing it if you're interested.

Contact me at miradus01@hotmail.com or you can convo me at Etsy.

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