Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kitten Names

Clearly the public will have to be called upon to settle this dispute ...

Our cat Jade had kittens not too long ago, and we're trying to name them.

There is a boisterous black male kitten who dominates the rest.

The name choices in dispute are:

"Sergeant Zim" (from Starship Troopers ... we're a very literary family.)


"Fluffy Wuffikins".

A compromise was proposed of "Sergeant Fluffy Wuffikins" but it was rejected by both parties.


OD from HT said...

Some of our favorite cat name....just to muddy the waters:

Captain Underfoot
PT Barnum (he said: a sucker's born every minute)
Master Sgt. Mouser
Rascal (at least this only is literary)

I prefer any name that doesn't have Fluffy in it. So I'd learn toward Sergeant Zim

InvalidID said...

I'd suggest Sgt Zimmywimkins... It seems like a compromise, but will later be shorted to Zim or Sarge...