Monday, May 6, 2013

Slow Shop Day

In the 24 hour period of today, I had exactly 7 people visit my Etsy shop to look at knives. Normally I have at least 40.

I think it's time I found a new radio show to advertise on. The last one was cheap and sold me a lot of knives, but I think it's off the air now and there's a lot of drama associated with that. I would prefer to distance my business from any drama.  Plus, that audience is sort of mined out.

Are there any other good internet radio shows that might fit? I don't really know what's out there these days. I need to find either an internet radio show or put up a banner on a forum somewhere.

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ladyhawthorne said...

You might contact MD Creekmore on to see about his advertising space. A very good prepper's blog with a huge following. Very good people all around.