Saturday, September 3, 2011


I'm still fleshing this out but we've established a beachhead.

The Bunker Index originated as a daily round-up of news stories related to our survival on the HomesteadingToday Survival and Emergency Preparedness site. But as you know, these sorts of things draw fire from the naysayers and liberal socialists and eventually the moderator of that forum lost the heart to continue the fight. Or perhaps simply the BI and my postings were drawing enough attention that it was warping her original ideas for her forum. For whatever the reason, I realized that I wasn't going to be able to continue there.

I received numerous requests to move the BI to other survival forums and to those site administrators, I thank you very kindly for the offer. However this is going to continue to draw fire and I know I can't always depend upon others to provide air cover. Feel free to link back to this blog from whatever sites you are on and let your members discuss the information presented.

Bring your warrior's heart to the fight. Be courageous. There are still many left in the field to reach and we have to pull them in before it's too late.

ON MONDAY: The all new Bunker Index.


Sawmill Jim said...

I found it thanks

Wintersong Farm said...

Here, and waiting.

Shauna said...

GO ERNIE!!! You're as addicting as chocolate!