Saturday, September 3, 2011

Some housecleaning ...

This is zero day, ground floor stuff, so I hope you'll excuse the basic and raw nature of the blogger format. I'm no hand at design but when my wife gets some time (and she sees how ugly this is) then I'm sure she'll redesign something that is chocked-full-o-awesome.

My ideas on how we're going to do this will probably shift over time, but here's how we're going to start out:

1. Comments - They will be wide open. I won't allow people to snipe anonymously from cover though. If you have a blogger account then unless you get too far out of hand I'm not going to mod you out. What is out of hand will be left to my sole discretion. Calling me an idiot isn't out of bounds. Saying that you hope my children burn to death in a housefire IS out of bounds. The only reason I even have to explain this is because liberal scum KNOW NO MORAL LIMITS and must be reigned in. In real life we'd reign them in with fists, knives, and clubs and they know this so they keep their dirty little mouths shut. In the consequence-free environment of the internet they think everything is fair game.

2. Out of band posts - Expect a lot of them. In addition to the daily BI I'll be posting random news links I find, stuff people send me, etc. I'll probably post info on what I'm making in the knife workshop or photos from around the farm as well.

3. Advertising - I think I'm going to enable Google advertising. I'm reading up on it now and it doesn't appear to be too intrusive or painful and so long as I don't find any "gotchas" in the fine print then I'll probably go ahead and set that up. Why? Well, while I don't do this for money I DO spend a bit of time on it which takes away from my other money-making schemes. Also, I don't think that the people who like the information will mind the clutter of an ad garnering me a few cents here and there and I giggle like a schoolgirl at the thought of all the scumbags who show up simply to try and prevent the dissemination of this information helping to subsidize its existence.

4. Contact - If you have ideas and concerns you can reach me at with either an encyrpted or unencrypted mail. All OPSEC will be maintained.

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