Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cult of Personality

Obama tells followers, "If you love me then help me pass this bill."

I'm looking at property today on the internet, planning our big move off the grid. One piece I found was 20 acres for $7500, but it's high desert. I mean DESOLATE. Initially I would have turned my nose up at that but lately ... a place you can only reach with a 4x4 vehicle and that is so desolate, remote, and rural that the sheriff, the building inspector, the truant officer, and the tax man can't find it ... well .. that's a selling point.


Dyson said...

How much extra for water, LOL

Janice said...

It's not off-grid Ernie, but the place next to us is for sale. I don't think it's what you'd be looking for, but I sure would like to have someone like-minded living there.

Best wishes to you in your search!

Ernest said...

Dyson - Heh. I don't think water is available at any price. :)

Janice - That place in Texas?

Janice said...

No Ernie, we're in southeastern Missouri. Just could have good homechurching, homeschooling, homebirthing, homesteading neighbors near you here. If all that doesn't scream, "Leave us alone" I don't know what does!

Wintersong Farm said...

Consider central Wisconsin. Like-minded neighbors, in the middle of nowhere, and at least an hour north of Madistan Peoples Republic.