Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14th Bunker Index - Storm Clouds Gather

It's a low alarm day today with only 5 items on the BI list. So why don't I feel better? The preponderance of political issues have been piling up on our horizon for awhile now and a sense of ill ease is settling in. Following the news, it's easy to feel the undercurrents of what is happening.

Still, as the storm builds all around us, there is hope. In the bible (Mark 4:36-41) we see where Jesus and the disciples went out upon the waters in boats and a mighty storm blew up. The disciples had to wake Jesus up! This shows the level of unconcern the son of God had for the storm though the men who were with him were frightened out of their wits. Jesus awoke and calmed the storm and all of the boats that were on the waters that night were saved, not just the one in which Jesus was riding. Even the fishermen who knew not Jesus were preserved.

While God may punish, He may also preserve. We can take heart in this.

1. In New York, the battle for disgraced Weiner's seat has gone to the Republicans as the Jewish community votes in force against the Democratic machine. As the Obama administration has had a penchant for using its power to punish its political enemies, how will this pan out?

2. A scary look at the Obama propaganda machine. How close does this resemble the "see something, say something" approach of DHS? Too dang close. Do you need another example to prove that we are involved in Fifth Generation Warfare?

3. European banks are having a really bad time of it. A financial collapse over there will lead to one here. Guaranteed.

4. We should trust them why? A group of TSA agents and police officers cooperated in a cross-country drug smuggling operation. But hey ... why not turn over all your freedoms to the police state?

5. You are the enemy. The NSA has admitted to storing emails, phone calls, and many other forms of communication between Americans without a warrant. All of this data is stored in gargantuan databases as analysts sift through it.


Sonshine said...

I think it's great that although the storms are raging, just as in the Biblical days where Jesus stood up in the boat and said, "Peace, be still." and the storms calmed, today we can rest assured that He is as able to calm the storms in our own lives as He was back then. The storms can rage all around us, but in Him we can find a safe harbor.

hurryiml8 said...

#5- Does this mean I need to watch what I say? Are there key words that cause your call or email to be stored?

I know God preserves, but I don't deserve anything He blesses me with.