Saturday, September 24, 2011

Moving Preps

I don't want to move this much food so we're eating as much as we can before that time and then the rest will go to friends and a food pantry. It's not cost effective to move it when I can buy more when we arrive onsite. A lot of it was at the point where it needed to be rotated anyway.

50 gallon food-safe steel barrels are the best and cheapest solution I've found for storing beans and grains. I just leave the product in its sack or wrapper and drop the whole thing in the barrel and then seal the lid. The rest is canned food and some other things which can easily sit out and still be mouse-proof.

There will be a gap between when we arrive there and when are able to set up food storage onsite and replace our preps, but it should be a short one. I guess we'll have to live like 90% of the rest of Americans for that short timeframe.

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