Monday, September 12, 2011

Sept 12 Bunker Index - The Real 9/11 Memorial We Don't Talk About

Let's talk about the REAL 9/11 memorial, shall we? I'm not referring to that embarassing hole in the ground that celebrates American political dysfunction and fear. I'm referring to what America has become after a handful of primitive holdouts from a maniacal religion managed to seize control of some planes.

1,000 police officers shutting down New York as they searched every car, set up roadblocks and ID checks on the streets, and hassled passerby is the REAL memorial. Out of fear, Americans repeatedly are willing to let their government toss aside the Constitution and implement any new criminal acts that they wish. We haven't even been able to challenge them.

The real 9/11 memorial is all around us, enshrined in the Patriot Act and it's repeated proliferation into other bills and laws. It's there when a TSA bureaucrat gropes up your daughter and forces you to smile about it. It's there every time a corrupt police unit kicks in a door and murders someone and then expects the public to forgive them by referring to how many police and firefighters died on 9/11. It's there every time another American questions your patriotism if you dare to challenge the official story.

We invited government into our lives to protect us from third-world zealots who supposedly "hate us for our freedom". Now that we no longer have that freedom they still seem to hate us just as much, and there's no clean way to remove government's stranglehold on us. The real 9/11 memorial is the police state we've built in the past ten years.

1. Despite a myriad of false alarms and over 1,000 police officers turning New York into a police state, the 10th anniversary of 9/11 appears to have been uneventful. As a nation, do we really want to continue to let threats from third-world enemies hiding in caves give our politicians the excuse to undermine the Constitution?

2. Greece is still going down in flames. Apparently they haven't actually managed to implement any austerity measures despite the bailouts they received. So now they aren't getting any more money. They are headed towards what the media is saying is an "orderly default".

3. An explosion at a nuclear power plant in Southern France has occurred. Still waiting on more details.

4. The Japanese have acknowledged that market tensions are high. Welcome to the party, pal. They've got a debt-to-GDP ratio higher than any industrialized nation out there, so their little island is going to get awful crowded here pretty soon.

5. In Massachusetts, a wife called the police on her husband who was stockpiling tear gas grenades and pepper spray in preparation for declarations of martial law. I guess if you're going to survive the world going all Mad Max then you'd better make sure your wife is on board.

6. Obama has proposed as part of his jobs package a change to the unemployment system. Now unemployed people will have a share of YOUR job. For every five employees, if one gets laid off then the other four will have their hours cut to keep the worker on the payroll (whether or not they are needed) and in return the four remaining employees will get a portion of that ex-employee's (who is an employee again now) unemployment benefits. Sound confusing? You betcha. Just the kind of crap you can expect from a socialist idiot who has never held a job in his life or ran a business.


Anonymous said...

I guess in my mind, the real memorial of 9/11 is that it woke many Americans up. Many turned towards God, which is always a good thing. Many have realized that we can't depend on our government. Our only real hope in today's world is the same that it has been since the creation of mankind, and that is putting our faith in God. Man can't protect us from everything that could harm us, only God is able to do that.

Sawmill Jim said...

O couldn't create a job in a pie factory for a taste tester .

But we need to fire him and his Czar's and the sooner the better