Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13th Bunker Index - The Pilgrim Road Takes a Turn

Today we've got a BI of NINE which makes it a Very Alarming Day. Never matter. There is work to be done. We Christians think differently of the world. We do not think of our own brief lives here in this material plane, but rather our future in Heaven in the presence of our Lord. All of our lives we have drank from wells we have not dug and that filled from the top rather than the bottom, with the abundance of grace from the Lord.

A time of drought, a time of judgement is at hand. As in a vineyard, the hand of God will prune back the vines that don't bear fruit and trim the fruitful so that they may bear more and sweeter fruit. This is a frightening time, to be sure, but we must go deep into the well of Grace for its life-sustaining waters.

Lord, today I pray that you make my needs few so my burden may be light as I do your will. Guide my footsteps as I walk the pilgrim road. Though many fall by the wayside, strengthen my soul that I may walk with your spirit beside me for all my days.

1. Delivered from a reader to my inbox today, we have the alarming report from the "Washington insider" that socialist forces inside of the Obama administration, possibly even the Big O himself, are working to unionize the entire military via executive order. I can't fully imagine the catastrophe that this would be and it would ultimately destroy force readiness, but I think the real reason would be that it would cement control between this very union-friendly White House administration and the military in preparation for their use against the American people.

2. In Kabul we have a Taliban coordinated strike against the US embassy and other American assets. This country will never be pacified and it serves no strategic interest to let our sons and daughters be ground up into mincemeat there. It's long past time to bring our troops home.

3. Israel is now completely surrounded on all sides by enemies who want them dead. And we're only a week away from the crucial vote for Palestinian statehood.

4. Just like this summer was a hot and brutal one, this winter is shaping up for its own extremes. According to the Farmer's Almanac, we're in for a really cold and wet winter. I'm not completely sold on the accuracy of its forecasting, as all weather forecasting is little more than horoscopes with numbers, but I think it prudent to get a little more firewood on hand.

5. Home invasions are on the rise. It's a good idea to stay armed all day long.

6. The Obama administration is planning on paying for its $450 billion jobs bill with increased taxes on employers and employees. Yeah, that ought to work. This is what happens when you put socialists in charge of your capitalist society. What's next? The government will hire everyone?

7. Has preaching the gospel become illegal in America? A preacher discusses.

8. Kill your television. A recent study (video link here) has indicated that just watching NINE minutes of "Spongebob" causes short term memory loss and attention problems in 4 year olds. Frankly, in my opinion, the only reason for any of you to have a television in your household is to watch endless loops of "Firefly" episodes.

9. Postal workers have refused to deliver cd recordings of the Gospel after they decided that the recordings were "offensive material". Is it any wonder that God has decided not to bless their endeavors and that they are bankrupt? Let them fail, I say. Everything important can go via FedEx or UPS and all the rest is just junk mail.


Batt said...

#9 is in the UK, not the US.

Bluesgal said...

I hope that O has as hard time bringing the military into "the fold" as I think he will.

Ernest said...

Hrm, regarding #9 ... well so it is. I read about it in one location and didn't follow their link and then just did a brief search to provide that particular link.

That'll teach me. Or it won't.

Sawmill Jim said...

Never fear Ernie about #9 it won't be long getting here.

Next thing you know some darn Muslims will get our postal system for a peace payment

Wintersong Farm said...

The UK and Australia are both leading indicators of what is coming to America in terms of socialism, anti-freedom, anti-gun, anti-God policies. What you see there now, you will see here soon. Prepare for real conflict.

Anonymous said...

Others are commenting on the actualy BI, whereas, I want to comment on your monologue. The Bible tells us that we'll see certain signs before this world ends. One of the reasons I follow your BI is because it lets me know what signs we are seeing. Anyone that believes that the Bible is the word of God should be able to see from the BI just how close we are to the end. Instead of panicking as some would do, I believe it's a time to rejoice because His return is nearing. I also believe we have a lot of work to do reaching out to those who are lost.