Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20th Bunker Index - Welcome to the New Normal

We're entering a dangerous time now. The nation's economy is upside down, with far more recipients than producers. Much of what we have here is produced overseas and of extremely low quality. Austerity and political maneuverings of class warfare are on the verge of setting off a race war.

Now is an appropriate time to evaluate your surroundings and your ability to withstand long-term social upheaval. How secure are you? Can you produce at least a portion of your own food? Water? Have you made arrangements for loved ones who can't and will undoubtedly show up at your home?

This winter we're going to start feeling the crunch but I expect next year to be the clincher. Be ready. Take the time you have now to get prepared. Our national follies have led us into a serious pinch. We've created a dependent underclass which is seething and ready to rip out our throats if we stop feeding them. Fiat currency is collapsing exactly like it has in every other nation that has used it, and hyperinflation has now reared its ugly head. Within the year we should see some real ugliness in the grocery store lines.

Get prepared for the new normal. Learn what you need to survive right now from as many sources as you can and start putting it into practice. If it's not part of your daily life then it isn't going to be much use when the world goes tango uniform.

Get cracking.

1. There has been a tuberculosis outbreak at an Ennis Texas school. 80 students at least have tested positive for exposure after a teacher came down with it. As the public health system declines, expect to see a return of the old diseases. Particularly in overcrowded areas.

2. The IMF has sharply downgraded the outlook for U.S. and Europe. Welcome to the party, pal.

3. Saudi Arabia has announced it will pay $200 million to the Palestinian Authority to help finance them as they apply for U.N. membership this week. I bet those fat Saudi princes think it was a lot less complicated back when they were just giving money and guns to the PLO.

4. Last night, China left France dangling in the wind in a big global economic power play. They pulled their trading lines in and left the French banks out on the floor without a dance partner. It seems their generous offers to help from previously was just a ploy.

5. A new study indicates that prescription drug usage now kills more people than traffic accidents. Vicodin alone killed more people than heroin and cocaine combined. Doesn't it seem as if the government's "War on Drugs" is nothing more than a "War on the Competition" for the big pharmaceutical houses?

6. The Texas GOP canceled a straw poll that many suspect would have shown Ron Paul as a clear winner, despite Rick Perry being the governor of the state. Rick Perry just seems to me to be a tyrant of a different flavor than Obama. The only clear choice I can see for a real chance to turn this wagon around is Ron Paul.

7. Recently it was big news in the survival-related forums when the government launched some preparedness-themed websites to help people prepare for disaster. But recently it wasn't much discussed when the same government via the FBI distributed notices to stores and suppliers that indicated "preppers" were on the watch list and could be considered domestic terrorists. So whose side do you think the government is really on?

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Patrice said...

It's already getting pretty ugly at the grocery stores lately. I don't even want to imagine what it's going to get like in the near future. ;( We eat by the sales now, that will definitely not be changing, except when I can no longer afford meat. I guess my ds better get used to eating beans because they're going to be making it onto the menu more frequently in this household.