Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 21st Bunker Index - I Spy With My Little Eye

I am a leaf on the wind.

Well, maybe not quite that graceful. I'm putting Mark I eyeballs on some property today to see if it suits our off-grid plans. I could use your prayers that God reveals His will to me. My wife and I are ready to roll but we still lack the when and wheres of the issue. Life is full of these little patience-building moments, but despite that I still haven't developed much patience. When God moves me in a direction then I'm ready to MOVE.

A short news roundup today as I'm headed out, but I hope to repay you for your kindness with some photos of what may be our new home.

1. The ex-president of Afghanistan was assassinated by a suicide bomber hiding a bomb in his turban. How big was that turban?

2. The Obama administration is trying to block the Palestinian Statehood vote but it looks like it's still on full speed ahead. Funny how circumstances eventually force your hand whether you are ready or not.

3. In Monroe, Michigan, a car bomb detonated inside a car and seriously injured three ... the three who were riding inside the car. Not much news on this so far and the news media is curiously silent on their ethnicity.

4. A ginormous satellite has lost control and is plunging to earth ... somewhere and sometime. Experts disagree exactly where the pieces are going to land but they're calculating the odds of being struck at 1 in 21 trillion. Do you feel lucky? Do ya?

5. A typhoon has barreled through Tokyo and is headed for the already-stricken Fukushima area and the ruins still devastated from the previous tsunami.


Janice said...

Prayers, Ernie, that this property is everything your family needs it to be!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I can tell today is a lucky day!!! (of course it is...mine and Stephen King's birthday has to be, right? lol)

Glad i found your blog, and GOOD LUCK!!!!

I hope the property is everything you guys hope for!

Patrice said...

Good luck with the property search, your family has my prayers.