Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 28th Bunker Index - American Twilight

It's a dark, gloomy day outside with the weather closing in. I've got a lot to do but some of it is outside and I get tired quick of getting rained on. Time is short for the move. We're pushing through as fast as we can and have decided that come Hell or high water we're getting out of here. From reading the news, I'm not sure how long we have before things come apart at the seams.

There's a handful of items before us today that are part of a theme. The Democrats and liberals are all for suspending elections now that it looks like they're going to lose. If the Republicans nominate anything other than a masturbating, one-eyed chimpanzee than they stand a good chance of beating Obama. In fact, in recent polls, "anybody else" beat Obama by about a 5% margin. My fear is that we're going to end up with someone like Rick Perry, which to me is still heading in the same globalist direction as Obama but just at a slightly slower pace.

The fix is in. There's nothing they can do to fix this country. My wife is all for Ron Paul (and so am I) but I have no illusions as to what that means. Ron Paul is a strict Constitutionalist. Assuming he could get anything done through a Congress of professional politicians, it will tear this nation apart. Can you imagine being put on the gold standard again? There's not enough gold in the solar system to cover all the phony money that the Fed has printed and put into circulation. Gold would be about $30,000 an ounce. Can you imagine what happens when the thugs at the ATF and DEA get disbanded? Do you think those jackals are going to just turn in their guns and badges and go find real jobs, after they've been able to wield power and violence against the American citizenry for so long with impunity? Do you think the legions of the FSA on welfare-for-life and swipe-swipe-swiping their EBT cards are just going to calmly accept that the gravy train has ended and it's time to go get a job? Even if they did, do you think there are jobs available for them?

Still, a pending revolution is no reason NOT to vote for Ron Paul. If there be trouble, let it be in our time that we can deal with it now, as opposed to leaving it for our children or grandchildren who will inherit a bankrupt and freedomless world.

After all, fear of hardship should be no reason not to change the status quo.

1. The Democratic governor of North Carolina commented before a meeting of rotarians that elections need to be suspended in 2012 to give politicians time and breathing room to "fix the economy". Her aides later claimed it was "just a joke" but nobody with any sense believes that. Clearly it was a trial balloon that's been going around in Democratic circles now. She's not some junior Congresswoman. She's the governor of North Carolina and a professional politician. As Obama continues to poll badly, expect a lot more of this type of discussion.

2. Facebook admits that it has been tracking Facebook users and their web page visits even after they log out of Facebook. But they say it was just a big "whoopsie". They didn't MEAN to invade your privacy. The face of Big Brother is a cute and cuddly kid-CEO now. And we're supposed to believe it's all just a big mistake.

3. Iran is sending warships to park them off the Atlantic coast, just outside U.S. waters. This is in response to our parking of our warships off their coasts. (As an aside, take a look at that photo provided by CNN ... it appears that one of the sailors there on deck of the Iranian warship is taking a moment to goose his fellow sailor while the Muslim clerics aren't looking.)

4. The Green Bay Packers security teams will now be using the TSA-style hand wands to scan all fans visiting their games. We've warned this sort of thing was coming ... only now it's rent-a-thugs instead of government employed thugs.

5. Obama's former budget director writes in the New Republic that we need "less democracy" in order to overcome legislative inertia and rely more on automatic policies and unelected officials and commissions for policy decisions. Politburo, anyone?

6. Vanderbilt university is threatening to shut down Christian groups on campus because the groups require members to actually BE CHRISTIAN.

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Bluesgal said...

1 - Yes, saw this... how scary is that. A US Governor actually suggested that... impeachment for treason should start today.

2 - Facebook and OnStar this week making the news for tracking people against their wishes.. and those are the ones we know about...

3 - Still not sure what to make of thiis. They could probably refuel in Venezuela but I just can't see them sailing unfettered or unescorted into the Gulf of Mexico. Wonder what they would do if we park a 3rd carrier group in the Gulf of Oman.

4. - Since I work with a number of sports venues, I can say that the NFL as a League is doing this with security, not the venues and not the governement or other leagues. The NFL was the first and is the only major sports league that requires pat downs and it's been this way for a few years. Sad they can only control their fans this way.