Friday, September 9, 2011

September 9th Bunker Index - When You See Kittens, You Know it's Gonna Be Bad

Things are a mess out there today as we cruise into the 9/11 anniversary weekend. Of course there is a specific, non-specific, credible, but not credible threat alert by the government to go along with it. Haven't we still been living at "Code Orange" since the first 9/11 attack? This alert seems along the lines of "We're going to issue an alert because we may have heard something that alarmed us and we don't want to be accused of not warning you later if something does happen." But yet they insist we should carry on with our activities and spend more money.

As I've got a mess on my own hands to deal with today but I'll be ready at the helm, your ever faithful bunkerer ready to inform. As usual, the BI will resume on Monday but stay tuned over the weekend for special reports and witty commentary! And since the news is so alarming today and 9/11 is such a fearful time, instead of our normal scary photo I will present you with a photo of fluffy kittens. Please ooo and aaaa quietly so as not to disturb your neighbors.

1. The power is off in Southern California and down into Mexico. The electric company is slowly getting it turned back on but this should be a reminder of how fragile the electric grid actually is. One lone worker accidentally (we'll say accidentally because we don't know if he's union) caused the unspecified malfunction which cut off electricity to about 1.4 million folks in the San Diego area.  This started at 4pm yesterday and has taken them all night and into today to even begin getting it fixed.

2. The Feds have issued an alert concerning a planned attack by terrorists on the anniversary of 9/11. They (the feds, not the terrorists ... is this confusing?) are launching a massive assault on the civil liberties of citizens as a response in the hopes that the terrorists will then not attack us. After all ... if they hate us for our freedom, let's make sure we don't have any and that will keep us safe!

3. As a more credible and immediate threat, "Uncle Omar", Obama's crazy, liquored up uncle has been released from jail and is back on the streets after being released from custody. Uncle Omar was picked up while driving intoxicated and then it was found he had a fraudulent social security number and driver's license and had been under a deportation order to send him back to Kenya. As his one phone call, Uncle Omar wanted to call the White House. I guess that call must have eventually gotten through because now, despite his fraudulent documentation, he's been released from jail instead of being put on the next plane back to Kenya. Uncle Omar is known to be fond of liquor and women and should be approached cautiously lest he assault you with tales of his famous nephew.

4. Hundreds of union thugs stormed the port of Longview and assaulted security guards before holding them hostage for as long as 5 hours. In that time the unionized longshoremen destroyed property, opened bins to allow grain to fall on the ground and spoil, and blocked grain shipments headed out for other parts of the country. This comes shortly after the head of the teamster's union declared that the union was "Obama's army" and that they were ready for war against republicans and the Tea Party.

5. Obama's job plan unveiled Thursday night was somewhat of a shocker in its size and scope but not its substance. $450 billion in government "stimulus" is intended to spur employers into hiring more. I can't believe the man has the audacity (a fancy word for "balls", I think) to propose this while news of his last stimulus is still hanging in the air. A company he previously gave all our money to squandered it, went bankrupt, and now is under FBI investigation for fraud. Other reports have shown that for every $10k in salary generated it cost the American taxpayer over $300k. I think I've had about enough of Obama's nonsense at this point.

6. In San Francisco, the police are getting tough on nude waitresses at donut shops. You'll have to just go read the link. I'm laughing too hard to say much more on the topic. I'll just say this ... nude women and donuts ... did the owner of the shop think that the cops WOULDN'T be all over that?

7. And finally, a piece of weird news ... the police in Ogden investigated a report of a man butchering a cow in his driveway. Local officials seem confused as to exactly what crime may have been committed, but they are grumbling about how they don't like it. The local prosecutor said that if any children witnessed the butchering and were traumatized then the man could be charged with disorderly conduct. They're also bringing in the health department to get involved to make sure no health statutes were violated. Yeesh. City people. Where do they think meat comes from?


KathyJo said...

LMAO over number six, and your commentary on it. I'm going to have to read that link.

Have a good day, love!

Sawmill Jim said...

Yep #6 i guess they could forward the 911 calls to the donut shop .Some of the cops wife's must of got mad

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many kids are traumatized when I butcher my chickens in my back yard. As for where city people think their meat comes from, my MIL swears she won't eat any meat from my kitchen unless she sees the styrofoam tray it came on.

Wintersong Farm said...

One of my rules about meat is never eat it unless you are on a first name basis with the person who raised it and butchered it.

Bluesgal said...

Traumitizes kids? Really? They can blow up people and planets playing video games but seeing a cow slaughtered is traumatizing? Oh right, consequences.....

Anonymous said...

Regarding number 4, I believe we'll see more from "Obama's Army", much more. For those who don't realize it yet, the war has already started.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that the MSM hasn't really picked up the story about the union thugs and their kidnapping of the guards.

Sonshine's comment has hit the nail squarely on the head. The games have begun, with Owe's blessings.

As far as #7goes...give the Fed and State government time...they'll outlaw butchering our own meat.